108 ways to make paella

One of the most amazing things that Internet has, are the constant surprises that we stumble upon every time we search for something – sometimes bad surprises too… It was funny, recently when looking for Spanish books on Amazon, they suggested one with 108 different recipe
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A book recommendation: Leaving the Atocha Station

Sometimes a novel doesn't need a nice lead character to catch our attention. For example, Hannibal Lecter has seduced generations in books and film and the character continues to be appeal with a successful TV series. One of the last books that I (Eduardo) read has a character with ma
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Eruptions at the Fringe

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It's not usual for there to be a few Spanish shows at the festival. Generally they are stereotypical spectacles with flamenco dance, singing and guitars. Surprisingly this year there is an unusual offering which doesn't include any of those elements but it's awesome. It's called Solfa
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Opening fiesta

Three years ago when we opened SALT our priority was offering the best Spanish lessons in Edinburgh. We didn’t anticipate how exciting the journey would be and how many things we had to learn to make this happen.
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