Should the interior of a building also be protected?

Edificio España Madrid
If you have visited Madrid, you must have seen the "Edificio España" in the iconic Plaza de España at the end of Gran Vía. For the last ten years the presence of the huge and empty building was very depressing. It has been vacant since it closed in 2005 after being a hotel for n
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Learn 10 Spanish words with a picture

A regular feature on our Facebook and Twitter walls is "learn a Spanish word every day", and the word today is "fotografía" = photograph. We recently came across this beautiful series of photographs that remind us of the beginning of the animation UP.
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Spanish at the Oscars 2

We wrote on Tuesday about the Mexican flavour in the main categories of this year's Oscars. There will also be a strong Spanish accent at the ceremony in the Best Short Film category. The short film "Aquel no era yo" (That Wasn't Me), by Esteban Crespo, has achieved this honour.
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Spanish at the Oscars 1

The Oscar nominations were announced last week and "Gravity" - starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney - has 10 nominations. But did you know there are Spanish speakers behind this film set in space?
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What is that sound?

Sometimes small and unexpected things highlight a difference between countries. / En ocasiones, cosas pequeñas e inesperadas resaltan la diferencia entre países.
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The best book of the year / El mejor libro del año

Ten years ago, Spanish photographer Paco Gómez, found a box of family photographs in the street. But these images were far away from typical family photos and Paco was intrigued to discover who they were.
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The other side of the Spanish crisis / La otra cara de la crisis española.

It's not all terrible in the Spanish economy and there are new ways to tempt people to bar and restaurants: be very cheap and very informal. / No todo es terrible en la economía española y hay nuevas maneras de atraer a la gente a bares y restaurantes: ser muy barato y muy informal.
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Warning: Don’t read on an empty stomach.

Please, don't read this if you are hungry and have to wait a couple of hours until your next meal. / Por favor, no leas esto si estás hambriento y tienes que esperar un par de horas hasta tu próxima comida.
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New Spanish courses start today / Nuevas clases de español empiezan hoy

Last week we worked very hard but we aren't complaining. There is a saying in Spain which is "sarna con gusto, no pica". It means something like "if you love scabies, they don't hurt you". La semana pasada trabajamos muy duro pero no nos quejamos. Hay un refrán en español que di
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A beautiful adaptation of “Don Quixote”

Quijote cartoon
Yesterday we spoke about Don Quixote, arguably the greatest novel of all time. If you are interested in reading it, Penguin Classics has a fantastic translation in English that we recommend, although if you have lot of time, a lot of patience and a good dictionary, you can always read
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