10 reasons to learn Spanish (2)

10 reasons 2
Didn't you have enough reasons in our previous post? 10 more reasons to learn Spanish. SALT offers Spanish classes in Edinburgh for all levels.
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¡Habla español!

Speaking a foreign language can be challenging but very rewarding. We know this is a priority for many of our students so every lesson includes opportunities to speak. Starting this term, SALT and Caledonian School of English will provide their students the chance to improve their con
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10 reasons to learn Spanish (1)

10 reasons 1
1. Because I have a Spanish partner and I don't want to be like Melanie Griffith who still can't speak Spanish after twenty years with Antonio Banderas.
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Ibero-American weekend in Edinburgh

As you may know, Ibero-American culture was celebrated in Edinburgh. The IberoDocs film festival was a great success and we were delighted to contribute to the project.
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