10 essential sentences in Spanish for a bus station

If you do not want to get lost in a bus station, learn these 10 sentences. It will not take you more than 10 minutes.
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10 tips to make your trip to Málaga perfect

Follow these tips and you will have the best trip to Málaga that you ever imagined.
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New Spanish film festival in Edinburgh

SALT is excited to announce a new partnership with the inaugural Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival. This new festival is a great collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh.
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Make mojitos this weekend.

Ready for the weekend? Here you have a recipe to impress your friends with something different.
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Apart from “cerveza”, what is your favourite Spanish word?

How many words do you know in Spanish? Possibly the most emblematic are related to food and enjoyment: paella, matador, chorizo, fiesta, tango tortilla, guacamole... If you have studied it, you will already know that our language is “slightly” more complicated.
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Will Prince Charles ever be Charles III?

The abdication of Juan Carlos I of Spain is part of a recent trend of aged European monarchies abdicating in favour of a younger heir. The only European country to keep her elderly monarch is the United Kingdom. Will Prince Charles ever be Charles III or the next king will be William
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Inspirational language quotes: Gaston Bachelard

Gaston Bachelard_blog
Two possible translations. Which one do you prefer? You don't need to speak Spanish, just listening the melody of language:
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“Nerd”, “hipster” and “adorkable”: untranslated insults?

Alcohol helps me to invent a idealised life. If I drink an extra glass of wine I might think that I m hotter (despite the calories), more creative (despite that I never remember the following day what I created) and wittier (although the conversation wouldn't make sense to a sober per
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Inspirational language quotes: Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith
This is a perfect example of word play which cannot be translated into English. We love Zadie Smith but… ¿Tiene algún sentido “El pasado es tenso (“tense” significa “tenso” pero también “tiempo verbal”); el futuro es perfecto (con el
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Flamingos and flambouyant Flemish

Being interested in Spain involves more than just studying the language. Spain also means food, sun and flamenco and you can find good Spanish restaurants and flamenco shows in Edinburgh. Sorry, but we are not able to bring you the sun. At least, not yet.
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