Do you know what “gracias” means?

The first weekend of the festival is almost here. This time last year we celebrated opening our new venue on Castle Terrace with a party for our students. Moving to larger, more central premises was a big step, and we were overwhelmed and excited to see so many people supporting us. N
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Spain is not (just) bullfighting: 4 fakes stereotypes

A couple of days ago I was surprised to see the picture above in a tweet from The Guardian. The Guardian is one of the newspapers I enjoy reading and in my opinion it is largely critical, well written, has good journalists and a fantastic Books supplement on Saturdays. This picture me
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Run out of motivation? Five tips to you continue studying a language

Learning a language is a lot like riding a roller-coaster. Sometimes you go very high but then you can easily plummet down as you struggle with something. Like any other long term process (dieting, going to the gym, learning to play an instrument...) there are moments of euphoria and
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10 beautiful Spanish villages with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

Do you want to get lost exploring a tiny and beautiful place? Would you like to escape from the noise of traffic? Have you already visited the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona? There are more options in Spain.
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Passionate about Spanish?

SALT student Melissa Steel is completing a Masters in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier and needs your help! She ia writing an article about why people learn the language and would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:
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