Meet our new Spanish teacher!

Barbie Spanish teacher. How many jobs does she have?
All our students know that we aim to provide the best Spanish lessons in Edinburgh. To achieve this, we need the best teachers so we have decided to add a new female tutor to our staff.
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Do you know that it is coming from Scotland?

Map of Scotland.
"The first book I was given was Ivanhoe, by Walter Scott. I remember receiving it vividly, but not reading it." (Enrique Vila-Matas, Spanish writer)
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La Mancha is not only in Spain

Quijote blog
Last week a student mentioned in a class that she lives in a tiny village in the Scottish Borders, in Peeblesshire, which I have never heard before: Lamancha.
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Three Spanish films easy to understand

Cinema Blog
Last week one of our Twitter followers made a request: can you recommend some Spanish films that are easy to understand? So here are three movie suggestions:
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Three books to start to read in Spanish

If you have not found the right moment to start to read in Spanish, let me tell you two things: 1) that is a very bad excuse; 2) that excuse will not work anymore after reading this post.
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Two infallible tips to read in a second language

Niño leyendo Blog
What is the most difficult thing for you in a second language? Writing? Speaking? Listening? I asked this question to some of our students and the majority said how difficult they found reading.
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