Spanish events at EIBF

EIBF entrance
Write down Trading Stories in capital letters in your diary. The forthcoming edition of the Edinburgh International Book Festival will focuss on translation, and there are authors coming from a wide variety of countries and cultures to present talks, workshops and performances, with s
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Languages on your brain

Image of a brain by Allan Ajifo.
Perhaps you're not aware of it, but you’ve probably taught your tutor something if you're learning a language. It doesn't have to be in an academic or orthodox way, like they teach you; I'm talking about a small comment that caught their attention or imagination.
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Three books to start to read in Spanish

If you have not found the right moment to start to read in Spanish, let me tell you two things: 1) that is a very bad excuse; 2) that excuse will not work anymore after reading this post.
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An alien dressed as Madonna

An alien or Madonna?
Hooray! Waterstones did it again! In two months, two Spanish authors were included in its seasonal Book Club. In Spring it was the turn of Javier Marías, and now it’s the time to discover Eduardo Mendoza in the Summer Book Club.
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Learning a language, learning a culture

The windows and the entrance of the big bookshop chains generally display the big commercial titles and authors. It's no surprise to see something by J K Rowling or Morrissey's autobiography, but not a Spanish author. We were pleasantly surprised to discover The Inflatuations, the lat
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The best book of the year / El mejor libro del año

Ten years ago, Spanish photographer Paco Gómez, found a box of family photographs in the street. But these images were far away from typical family photos and Paco was intrigued to discover who they were.
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A book recommendation: Leaving the Atocha Station

Sometimes a novel doesn't need a nice lead character to catch our attention. For example, Hannibal Lecter has seduced generations in books and film and the character continues to be appeal with a successful TV series. One of the last books that I (Eduardo) read has a character with ma
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