Do you know that it is coming from Scotland?

Map of Scotland.
"The first book I was given was Ivanhoe, by Walter Scott. I remember receiving it vividly, but not reading it." (Enrique Vila-Matas, Spanish writer)
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10 beautiful Spanish villages with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

Do you want to get lost exploring a tiny and beautiful place? Would you like to escape from the noise of traffic? Have you already visited the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona? There are more options in Spain.
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Based on true events

23 February 1981: Lieutenant Antonio Tejero Molina interrupted the Spanish Parliament, las Cortes, leading a group of over one hundred soldiers. He went to the leader of the parliament's seat, shot the ceiling with his gun and ordered everyone to lie down. All the politicians obeyed e
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Spanish at the Oscars 2

We wrote on Tuesday about the Mexican flavour in the main categories of this year's Oscars. There will also be a strong Spanish accent at the ceremony in the Best Short Film category. The short film "Aquel no era yo" (That Wasn't Me), by Esteban Crespo, has achieved this honour.
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What is that sound?

Sometimes small and unexpected things highlight a difference between countries. / En ocasiones, cosas pequeñas e inesperadas resaltan la diferencia entre países.
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What is the difference between Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America?

We are frequently asked “What is the difference between Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America?” Honestly, we find it very difficult to answer because the Spanish spoken throughout Latin America cannot be reduced to only one neat thing.
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A book recommendation: Leaving the Atocha Station

Sometimes a novel doesn't need a nice lead character to catch our attention. For example, Hannibal Lecter has seduced generations in books and film and the character continues to be appeal with a successful TV series. One of the last books that I (Eduardo) read has a character with ma
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The anguish of the white wall

Spanish artist Jesús Zurita lived in an empty, white room for one week at the Museo ABC, Madrid. His purpose was to work sixteen hours every day and cover all the walls.
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A beautiful and painful article.

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-15 a las 12.56.42
Last Sunday I read an article in El País El pino caído ya no está en Málaga (The Fallen Pine Is Not in Málaga Anymore), by John J. Hiley. His description of Spain, especially the South, where I am from, was accurate but also a bit painful.
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