La Mancha is not only in Spain

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Last week a student mentioned in a class that she lives in a tiny village in the Scottish Borders, in Peeblesshire, which I have never heard before: Lamancha.
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Theatre play in Spanish

Spanish Play
"La Cubana” is one of the most successful and prestigious theatre companies in Spain. It was set up as a cooperative in the early eighties in Barcelona. The actors do everything: they perform, sing, sew the costumes, paint the stage, etc. Its spirit is the same as the small companie
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Eruptions at the Fringe

Captura de pantalla 2013-08-19 a las 14.35.13
It's not usual for there to be a few Spanish shows at the festival. Generally they are stereotypical spectacles with flamenco dance, singing and guitars. Surprisingly this year there is an unusual offering which doesn't include any of those elements but it's awesome. It's called Solfa
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