“Snow White” in Edinburgh

Once upon a time there was a girl who lost her mum. A few months later her dad got married with a horrible woman who asked her magic mirror every day: “Mirror, mirror, who is the prettiest woman of the kingdom?” The mirror always answered: “You're the one”, until one day the m
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Mum, don’t worry: there is a good chorizo in Edinburgh

Jamón, chorizo and lomo are part of our daily diet in Spain, but during the Christmas festivities we tend to buy better products, generally acorn pork. Does it mean that the ham includes little pieces of acorn?
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Warning: Don’t read on an empty stomach.

Please, don't read this if you are hungry and have to wait a couple of hours until your next meal. / Por favor, no leas esto si estás hambriento y tienes que esperar un par de horas hasta tu próxima comida.
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Patatas a la riojana.

As you know, Edinburgh has some very nice Spanish restaurants. Choices of where to eat have increased in the last year at the same time as the Spanish language and culture has become more popular. Months ago we had a very nice surprise when, stopping at the Filmhouse café for a quick
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We are all experiencing a challenging time due to COVID-19 outbreak. As you might know we cancelled last two weeks of our autumn course. We would like to thank you all once more for all the support messages for this difficult decision. ¡GRACIAS! ♥♥♥

First of all, we really hope you all stay safe and healthy.
#StayAtHome   #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

Courses are ready to book in our website as usual. As you can see we are keeping dates, times and prices. Some things you should know about online courses: