Spanish Immersion Days

These sessions have been developed in collaboration with the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in the UK. As we always maintain, culture and language go hand in hand.
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Two infallible tips to read in a second language

What is the most difficult thing for you in a second language? Writing? Speaking? Listening? I asked this question to some of our students and the majority said how difficult they found reading.
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An almodovar-esque plan for Wednesday

The FilmHouse is showing Pedro Almodóvar's Bad Education this Wednesday at 6.30pm. It is part of the "Introduction to the European Cinema" season held by the University of Edinburgh and the FilmHouse and the screening is also open to the public.
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Spanish at the Oscars 1

The Oscar nominations were announced last week and "Gravity" - starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney - has 10 nominations. But did you know there are Spanish speakers behind this film set in space?
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Let’s go to the cinema! / ¡Vamos al cine!

Looking for something to do tonight? Our suggestion is go to the cinema. Today, at 6,15pm the Cameo Cinema is screening the Chilean film Gloria. This is a bold and original story: Gloria, a woman in her late fifties is looking for love.
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Merry Christmas! = ¡Feliz Navidad!

SALT wishes you a lovely Christmas day!     Thanks to Jonathan Pincas for the picture.
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A review from a student

Thank you to those students who kindly wrote reviews about our lessons on Google. Here are a few of them:
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This thing that I want to say but I am not able to say…

There is a line which everyone who studies a new language must cross: the moment when you accept that every single word cannot be translated exactly.
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What is the difference between Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America?

We are frequently asked “What is the difference between Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America?” Honestly, we find it very difficult to answer because the Spanish spoken throughout Latin America cannot be reduced to only one neat thing.
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End of Movember: Spanish moustaches

There is only one day left of Movember/November, the month of magnificent mustaches such as those displayed on some of our male students' faces this month.
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We are all experiencing a challenging time due to COVID-19 outbreak. As you might know we cancelled last two weeks of our autumn course. We would like to thank you all once more for all the support messages for this difficult decision. ¡GRACIAS! ♥♥♥

First of all, we really hope you all stay safe and healthy.
#StayAtHome   #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

Courses are ready to book in our website as usual. As you can see we are keeping dates, times and prices. Some things you should know about online courses: